Completed - Post Graduate Level

Masters Degree, Yeoh Boon Chuan, Intelligence Design of Robotic Soccer Team, 2004/2005

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Farhan Dawood, Access-Activity Analysis in Context Specific Scenarios, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Vickneswaran A/l Jeyabalan, Brain Machine Interface: Machine Control System Using Human Sensory Signals, 2007/2008

Masters Degree, Lim Kian Ming, Enhanced Supervised Fuzzy Clustering for Pattern Classification, 2006/2007

Masters Degree, Roy Chang Kuang Yang, Enhanced Probabilistic Neural Network for Pattern Classification, 2006/2007

Masters Degree, Lee Gin Chong, An Integrated Approach to Face Authentication and Facial Pose Estimation for A User-Wheelchair Interface, 2007/2008

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Ibrahim Ismail Hassan Z Balawi, Trajectory Planning and Motion Recognition for Rhythmic Movements of Biped Robot, 2006/2007

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Andrews Samraj, Soft Computing Approach for a New Mode of Communication through Visual Evoked Potentials, 2005/2006

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Wong Wai Kit, Omnidirectional Vision Based Thermal Visualization (thesis submitted), 2008/2009

Masters Degree, Chin Wei Hong, Topological Self-organizing Map for Robot Navigation, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Liew Wei Shiung, Genetic Ensemble Classifier for Stress Classification, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Muhammad Burhan Hafez, Topological Reinforcement Learning for Robot Navigation, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Parham Nooralishahi, Dynamic Information Structured Space for Human-Robot Interaction, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Wi Lee Wen, Online Classifier for Health Informatics, 2010/2011

Masters Degree, Ng Chong Hooi, Multiple Kinect 3D Model Reconstruction, 2012/2013

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Bardia Yousefi, Dual-Fast Slow Feature Analysis for Motion Recognition, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Zhonglong, Interactive Particle Swarm Optimization, 2012/2013

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Md. Nazrul Islam, Incremental Clustering for Real-time Facial Emotion Recognition, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Arezoo Ghafary, Facial Emotion Recognition, 2011/2012

Completed - Post Graduate Level

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Mohd Haris Lye Bin Abdullah, Active Visual Surveillance, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Civanesar A/l Mookiah, Rule-based Emotion Recognition, 2011/2012

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Davood Kalhor, Creative Learning for Humanoid, 2012/2013

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Emdalla Saleh Mohamed Saleh, Affordance model for humanoid, 2009/2010

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Naoki Masuyama, Quantum Inspired Associate Memory, 2012/2013

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Habeebah Adamu Kakudi, Information Structured Space for Human-Robot Interaction, 2013/2014